Rating of countries for adult male vacation with prostitutes

Sex tourism is traditionally recognized as a masculine way to vacation, although modern female travelers don’t mind having a little overseas fling either. According to Pander, the percentage of guys to girls in sex tourism is 70 to 30, although this figure changes annually. Still, there are a number of countries with professional prostitutes whose sex industry is more male-oriented.

Cuba is a paradise with professional prostitutes

Every night, Havana’s waterfront turns from a tourist destination into a top place to buy bodily pleasures. Hundreds of attractive and swarthy beauties work as cleaners or maids in hotels during the day, and after darkness falls, they take to the streets in search of a generous partner. And the closer the morning hours, the cheaper the sex services offered.

Classic brothels are banned in the country, but there are local analogs – partikulars. These are rooms in ordinary houses, which locals rent to tourists, complete with prostitutes. Such putanas are considered the most budgetary – for a night will have to pay about 20 dollars.

Mexico – a country for leisure with legal prostitutes

Legal Mexican intimate industry on the variety of available entertainment can compete even with Thailand. However, the country is not so crowded with tourists, so it is more comfortable and cheaper to rest here. Mexican women sell intimate services not only on the streets, they also work in brothels and escort agencies, so the tourist can choose the option to taste.

Internet hookups are also developed in Mexico – thousands of Latin women publish questionnaires with a list of sex services on sites like mx.pander.pro, instead of offering their company on dangerous streets. For foreigners, searching for girlfriends online is also safer and more comfortable.

Ukraine – top sex services for adult vacations

Despite the illegality of the Ukrainian commercial sex industry, prostitutes here work freely in almost all cities. And such tourist centers as Lviv, Kiev and Odessa are overflowing with compliant and diligent individuals who work with foreigners at affordable prices. For example, even a tourist with a limited budget can afford to invite a putana every night, and it will not affect his ability to pay.

To reduce risks and choose the most professional beauty, analysts advise to abandon street dating in favor of specialized sites and applications. For example, for Odessa there is a page bordelero.net, where you can get acquainted quickly and safely.

Madagascar is an exotic country with exotic ladies

In this country, European men are welcomed with open arms, who come for leisure time with attractive African women. Madagascar will please with a variety of intimate services, and a girl can be rented not only for the evening, but for the entire period of vacation. Each resort has its own prostitutes serving hotel guests and nightclub visitors. Individuals also flash semi-naked charms on the beaches, showing themselves and attracting partners.

To make a pleasant acquaintance in the country is not difficult, because 8 out of 10 girls are ready to hook up with a foreigner for a few dollars or a couple of gifts. Often prostitutes are offered by their close relatives, inviting them to their homes for entertainment. And the best part is that the price for sex services in Madagascar is one of the most democratic in the world. For example, you can find a good partner with extensive professional skills for only 15 dollars an hour.

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