Best Positions for Trying Out 69 Sex Positions

Spend some time determining what suits you and your spouse the best. Which positions are most comfortable for you will depend on several things, such as your height, cleavage, flexibility, strength, body type, and dick shape. For example, one person can lie on their back while the other crawls belly-down, placing their head over their partner’s genitalia. This is what is known as the 69 position. Although the person on top can maintain their weight by getting down on all fours, you might want to contact them. If your partner has a vagina, you may suck their clit while finger-stimulating their G-zone. If your partner has a penis, you may regulate how deeply it enters your mouth and prevent being choked by holding the base of their penis while giving them a blowjob like the best blowjob porn available at Escorts Classifieds. If they don’t find it too sensitive, you might even give them an excellent hand job while licking or sucking their balls.

Side by Side 69 sex position

Rather than having one person straddle the other, both lovers lie down on their sides in this version, possibly the most popular. The head of one partner is at the feet of the other. For some couples, this might be a more pleasant position, especially when the partners have a substantial weight difference or a handicap that makes topping and tailing painful. It also makes it simpler to reach each other’s genitals. For example, suppose your lover has trouble getting to your parts since you’re on the bottom. Your hips will shift angle. As a result, making it more straightforward for your spouse to perform mouth-to-mouth love to you.


69 sex positions while bending over

Try this position if you want to change the dynamic in the bedroom and take things elsewhere. Bring it into the living room or a chair at the workplace. One partner lies face down on the seat with their legs extended and head facing down. The other partner bends over their lover, bringing their genitalia up to their lover’s face and tucking their head between their lover’s legs. This is how both parties consume the delicious body parts of one other, but it is simpler for the person sitting in the chair than for the person standing.

Inverted 69 sex position

In this form, one partner straddles the face of the other while lying on their back with their head falling off the edge of the bed or couch. It may be a more comfortable position for everyone, and it gives the bottom partner better access to the genitalia since the top partner can spread their legs as quickly as needed. Instead of supporting themselves above their partner when they are kneeling, the leading partner merely has to bend at the hips and lay their hands on them or either side. The couple gains a more excellent grasp of what turns them on by concentrating on how various types of contact feel, eventually resulting in better sex like professionals from New York Escorts.


The fact that the 69-sex position is equally challenging and enjoyable is one of the reasons it is so widely known. One person must straddle and lean over the other, which can be difficult for some people. However, because of the simultaneous stimulation of both partners, it might be challenging to focus. For couples interested in oral sex, the 69-sex position is popular since it allows for simultaneous inspiration and reciprocal enjoyment.

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